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Hello all... welcome to my world. This is the starting point for many of my pages that focus on the highlights of life itself. Music, KITH, Stephen King.. you know, the good stuff. Fasten your seatbelts and feel the wind whipping your brain around!

Kim Millington

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Mainly music...and the most important links of other pages!!!!

Weeping Tile ..A Basement Apartment
They may be going their seprate ways, but find out what!
Weeping Tile
An cool insight to the best Canadian punk band WEEPING TILE
Tori Amos Crucified
My page all about Tori Amos. Introduces her relationship with Neil Gaiman, and other cool things.
The Tori Amos Page
Tori is a musical goddess and this page tells you all about her albums.
The OFFICAL Tori Amos Site
Tori's bio, music clips, video clips...
MTV's News Gallery on the Chili Peppers
Videos - SCAR TISSUE, OTHER SIDE, and more!
The Official Red Hot Chili Peppers Homepage
Awesome RED HOTS site. Videos, Flea's ON THE ROAD comments.
Violent Femmes Lyrics
Lyrics to the albums of the Violent Femmes
Kimbalina's next page....
There is a guestbook here, so go and make me happy!
Some of BC's best camping spots are detailed here. ie. Bella Coola, Shuswap, the Okanagan
All Canadian
A Kids in the Hall shrine, and links to other friends homepages
MY STEPHEN KING PAGE...a master of two minds
My page on Stephen King... there are some cool pictures on if you love the horror god, check this out!

This picture is of Tatla Lake up north on the way to Bella Coola. Fraser and I went camping out that way this past summer and the scenery was gorgeous. Beautiful sunsets on calm waters almost every night. If it looks beautiful to you ,you should think about going camping out that way, but I should warn you: the highway out to Bella Coola is very rustic (it's dirt) and it gets extremely a 18% have now been go out and have fun.

Here are a few photos out at Fraser's cabin on Eagle Lake. It can be found on the road out to Bella Coola. (and yes, the water is always that color!!!)