people have entered my mind
UNDER CONSTRUCTION (as if you couldn't tell....hahahaha)

Hello everyone. I have to apologize for this page, as it never gets any attention. The only reason that it is here actually is because it hosts my Guestbook. I have been busy working on my other pages, all which can be found on the page pervious to this one. So please sign it!!! *grin*

Oh, and for everyone who knows me as Lionness (all my chatroom buddies) there is a picture of me below here... I'm hiding in my lionness suit, ready to pounce at any minute, so be careful as always....*grin*


Who are you anyways??? M Y G U E S T B O O K !!!!! and other pages I have made...

kimbalina's guestbook: I am a curious sort of person and I want to know about all of you, so if you have time (and want to make me smile) please sign it!!
Kimbalina's First page!!!: lots of music links and some cool pictures of my friends and me...
and the third page of mine.... hahaha, you can never escape!!!: this has another schwack about me, and my favorite chat rooms to visit... (oh and a surprise appearance by two famous people) so go check it out!!!!
Canada all the way...: Just some Canadian Kids in the Hall