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Hey, if these aren't Canadian I don't know what is. These are my friends from high school, and as you can tell, we are all dressed up for grad night. I still apologize for the picture quality, but oh well, starting at the back, we have Amanda doing the Pulp Fiction dance move, and then on the left of her is Renee. The other side of her (in white) is Kimmy, and sitting on the bottom is me (on the left) and my best friend Leanne.

The next picture below us here is during Dry Grad, on the bus.There is me on the left, then my friend Sarah, and our buddy Ryan.



Hello everyone... I am here to talk about the wonders of Kids in the Hall. I could only wish that they were still producing the 30 minute shows that were so popular in the early 90's. *siiigh* All good things must come to an end some time I guess.

Kids in the Hall were five guys in Ontario who each week had to make up skits for their weekly show, and if any of you have watched a majority of them, you will know that their minds must be living of off some weird vibes! Not that it's a bad thing...no way. The group includes Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Scott Thompson, Bruce McCulloch, and Mark McKinney. All Canadian, all the time.

My favorite skit that I have seen ( and it gets me everytime) is the "I'm crushing your head" guy that McKinney plays so well. I can't stop the tears from rolling down my face into a big puddle on the floor whenever he is on.

Another skit is the famous gay Scott Thompson:

Scott: What is it about the word "faggot" that makes people so frightened? Do you think it's the actual letters, themselves? Well, let's take a look at that.Do you think maybe it's the letter "F"? I don't think so, because "F" stands for fun. And, we all love to have fun, don't we? Maybe it's that naughty "A." Now, I can't believe that for one second,because "A" is what we all want to bring home from school. Well then, maybe it's those double "G"s. How could that be? We all love twins. I love that Doublemint ad. Maybe it's the "O." Well, you might as well get mad at a donut. You know what? I bet--I bet it's that evil "T," because it reminds people of Christ's agony on the cross. Well, I've got the perfect solution. Let's get rid of the "T" and all the hate that goes with it. So, come on faggos, let's sing! Everybody! Come on all you faggos!

Hahahaha, gotta love it all.... anyways, I'm going to try to put a couple of cool pictures here for you now, cus this is all I can think of to say about the Kids in the Hall legend right now.

this many people care about Kids in the Hall