The characters are very respectful of everyone and would never say anything to hurt anyone else...oh, sorry, I was thinking about the Brady Bunch. The characters of SouthPark are four 3rd graders with massive potty mouths and sick minds. (gotta love them for that!) The show is based on the differences that each character brings to the show, and here are some desricptions from the net that I have collected:

Stan is the leader of the group. Clad in a blue hat with a red pom-pon (on top),his favorite word is DUDE!, and he chooses how the group will face day-to-day problems of UFO abduction, euthanasia and genetic engineering. He gets nervous around girls (Wendy especially) and has a tendency to barf when they're around.

The only Jew in South Park, Kyle is a frequent victim of his friends' anti-semitism. As the smartest of all of his friends, he often has something intelligent to say. However, when he opens up his mouth, he is usually silenced by a quick "Shut up, you damn Jew!" from one of his friends. He also has a gay dog played in a cameo by George Clooney.

Morbidly obese Cartman is the funniest character on the show. He is always angry about something, usually his friends nickname for him, "fat ass." However, he always insists that he isn't fat, just big-boned or festively plump. His mom is the reason he is fat. When he gets sad, he goes home where she lavishes him with his favorite foods, chocolate pot pie, snacky cakes or cheesy poofs.

Kenny is a huge mystery. He always wears a tightly-closed hood which muffles everything he says. While viewers can't understand what he says, they often receive clues from the replies of surrounding characters.( usually a "Man Kenny, that's sick" follows)

In an interesting twist, Kenny usually dies a gruesome, bloody death at the end of each episode, prompting one of the show's catch phrases - "Oh my God, they've killed Kenny. I'll get you for this, you bastards!" His body is eaten by vermin and decomposes. Of course, he is magically reincarnated every week. On the Christams special though, Kenny doesn't die... how nice if of the show to add that little Christmas spirit.*grin*


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