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Well, it seems that Tori Amos has made a huge impact on the world, such as she has with me... Everyone loves her music, her boldness, her clarity to look at situations... and plainly, her throaty tunes.

One thing about her music that grabs me, is the ability of hers to relate with the feelings that grip everyday people. She doesn't sing songs of romantisized love, or being swept off her feet, but of masturbation and about silence. She holds strength in her words, a strength that is always present in each of her songs, whether it be a happy little jingle, or a dark overcast outlook.

Her music reaches me, and it something that I like to feel. Included.

Select Lyrics from some of Tori's Albums

from Little Earthquakes
Lyrics for 5 songs from this album, including Crucify and Me and a Gun
from Under the Pink
3 songs from this album, Pretty Good Year, Past the Mission, and Cornflake Girl
from Boys for Pele
4 select songs from this huge album, including Professional Widow and Hey Jupiter

Really Deep Thoughts

Kevin's Tori Pictures and Homepage
Everything here including tour dates and some really cool links to picture galleries!
T.O.R.I --the Tori Online Research Institute
Song lyrics, research, interviews, sound bites, Tori's tatoos!!!!
Intense with Tori
Climb inside Tori's world for a while..this interview is powerful and riviting. Issues from masturbation, to religion Tori holds nothing back.
A dent in the Tori Amos Universe
Tour Dates, interviews, Tori Quotes and Pictures...a really awesome site to read and branch off of!!!
The Official Atlantic Tori Site
Sound Bites of her new Album, Choirgirl Hotel, and tons of great info...
these don't include any of her singles or E.P's ,as that would take up soooo much space...
Above is Tori's first album (not including Y Can't Tori Read...) and it is my favorite of the lot. I haven't heard her new album yet, but if it is anything like what Tori has been producing to date,we are all in for a treat.
This is the second of Tori's albums, Under the Pink.
Boys for Pele was not well received by the critics, and I must admit that I had a hard time gettting into this album. But now, after hearing it over and over, persistent to hear the purity of the music, I have come to love this album like it deserves.
This is the new album, From The Choirgirl Hotel, and I must admit that it is a very awesome CD. The one thing though, that stands out, staring me in the face every time I hear it, is that Tori has gotten away from her traditional "girl on the piano" and that is sad. One thing that I like about Tori's music is the harmony of the keys and her voice, melding into one, but on this CD I am let down. But don't get me wrong, I love the CD, it has great songs, such as Jackie's Strength, Playboy Mommy, and Spark. It is a lively CD, full of emotion and raw power. It is on sale now in North America, and it is worth double the price.

I'm not sure if it is a well known fact, or just something that I have picked up over the years, but it is something that I never excpeted to find. Within some of the Tori literature out there, Neil Gaiman has been mentioned many a time. He is a personal friend of Tori's and someone who is quite talented himself. He is the wonderful writer of many DC comic books, such as Sandman, Stardust, and Death: The High Cost of Living.

I have never been one for comic books, in fact I used to mock my boyfriend about his vast collection, but now I see that it is no longer about Super Heros in blue tights, off to save the world. There is truth in comics, there is reality in comics, and there is humor.

Neil Gaiman's Death: The High Cost of Living, was the first comic of his that I read, and I must admit that I only read it because I knew that Tori had written the introduction for it. I wanted to read her words, her thoughts, but to my surprise, those words weren't the gem of the comic. Neil has a wondeful talent of writing, and it held me captive, unable to stop reading. I want to read more of Neil's stuff, as it is like Tori's music, it has a different outlook on life that most people would dismiss without actually putting thought into it. He depicts Death as a funny, cute, yet just a little bit scary kind of girl, which is an interesting view on what most people see as something dark and morbid. I don't really know much about Neil, but I intend on finding out.

Neil Gaiman and Tori, Linked

Hanging out with the Dreamking
All about Neil Gaiman's great comics, and the references that are made to Tori...

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