Well, this picture shows the two people that brought me into this world 20 years ago... (sorry that the picture is so dark, but I guess you can't be picky when you get things like that for free.) But that is my dad, Dave, and my mom, Peggy, and we are out at Stump Lake in the Nicola Valley in BC.

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fuzzy pink navel lint is discussed here...and the strategies of winning at scrabble.
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All Canadian, all the time. This talks about Kids in the Hall, Canadian Bands, and anything else that I deemed cool enough.


I'm not sure if everyone recognizes the two creatures that are framed above this text, but they are the famous clay figures, Wallace and Gromit. There are three main episodes that are available to the public with Wallace and Gromit starring in them... these are

A Grand Day Out

The Wrong Trousers

A Close Shave

Ever since I saw these videos I have been in love with the workmanship and care to detail that is put into each show. If you have never wathced a Wallace and Gromit video, I recommend running to your closest rental store right now and sitting down for 30 minutes of fun.

One other really cool English thing I want to share with you is my Internet pal, Lucinda. (Luce for short, never Lucy!!!!) *hey up petal* Anyways, to all out there that think Internet relationships and friendships are bogus, I say, don't knock it till you've tried it. Luce and I met over a year ago in the Virtual Irish Pub , a small chat room that I happened to be in that day, and we only chatted for 10 minutes. But from that 10 minutes a friendship was built, and we began to e-mail each almost everyday. Now she is the best cyber-friend I have, and none of this would have been possible if I didn't go out to chat rooms meeting people. Hopefully soon I will be going to England to visit her, and travel around Europe with her... I encourage people to be open with others on the net, but not stupid. Don't rush out and meet everyone you talk to in the chat room, make sure they are honest...too many bad things happen that lead to bad reputations for the 'net. So, I hope you all can meet someone as cool as I have!This is a picture of my best on-line buddy, Lucinda, with an American exchange student, James.

(oh yeah, to all you single Scottish or Irish men out there...Luce is single...*grin*) hahahaha... love you Tiggs!

While we are on the subject of chat rooms, I will put a list of links to the places I go most often, so you can go and check out the chat scene...


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The Virtual Irish Pub
good for a laugh, a drink, a cyber friendship or two...*grin*
GeoCities Chat
This is a cool place to meet people, and you have the option of sending private messages out to people, or making your own chat room!!!
Hawaii Chat Universe
If you want to have fun on the beaches of Hawaii, there is no better place than here.