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The Man of Two Minds: Stephen and Richard are fully examined here.
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Webtales and Stephen King: a cool page where you can try to beat the master at his own game. A story has been started and you can add to it.
The Importance on being Bachman by Stephen King: King tells about his alter-ego Richard Bachman

My Views..if you care...

Stephen King has always held me in awe. The power of words that run from his mind, like cats running from thunder, and the effect it has on the human mind is boggling. Like many of you, I am sure, I can sit down with a fresh King book and in a day be yearning for more because I have finished it. I can't get enough. I think I have read many of his books at least 4 times ( I keep a lot of them with me and can always jump back into one on demand)and each time I can pull something different out of it. I love to hang out in the mind that is said to be the MASTER. I sit and try to figure out what makes the book so good. I never can place a finger on it, and I think that is one thing that makes them the masterpieces they are.

This summer I read both Desperation and The Regualtors. I read Desperation first. It was a gripping story that I got into right away, but little did I know the next novel would shadow it in comparison. After reading The Regulators I re-read Desperation, and I loved the effect that the same characters, different attiutdes that the stories held. It was magic in my hands. I liked The Regulators a lot more than Desperation, but I am not sure if I would feel the same way if I had read The Regulators first. It is a weird concept that I can never go back on.

There are many books of Stephen King that I like, so much that I will read them over and over... some of these include:

The Long Walk by Richard Bachman, found in the Bachman Books

The Mist by Stephen King, found in Skeleton Grew

Rose Madder by Stephen King

Thinner by Richard Bachman

IT by Stpehen King

There are also a lot of Stephen King's work available on film now... and I am sad to say that I have only seen a few of favorites include IT and The Stand. The books are always better than the movies, and I always make sure I read the book before watching the movie, as it ruins the suspense of King's words when you already know what is going to happen. Well, this page is in the works, and I have a lot more to say about King and Bachman, so keep checking!!!!

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