The Weeping Tile epidemic has reached people
Mesmerized   at   the   Concert

October 24th, 1997, a Thursday night, the rain pouring

down on the Vancouver streets. Weeping Tile was playing in town,

and it was the first time (and so far only time) that I would be 

watching them live. I remember sitting in the locker room-mixed-urine 

smelling bar, waiting for the music to start. 

I first got into Weeping Tile in 1996, when one of my friends 

introduced my ears to them. As he pointed out, and as it is obviously

clear, Sarah Harmer's voice doesn't even need music to make it 

sound beautiful. It is wonderful, but not in a Jewel type of wonderful, 

more of a punkish, melodic calling. 

So, the night of the concert I wasn't all surprised when her voice 

rang out and it sounded exactly the way it was on her CD's.Some 

bands sound great on their CD's but in real life it is a let down, 

but not Weeping Tile.  I remember swaying in my own world, 

staring at the band, taking in all the sounds and colors that washed 

the bar walls. They kept the crowd pleased going from fast paced 

punk songs, like I'm Late, and Can't Get Off, to quieter pieces

like Dogs and Thunder to In the Road. 

Many of Weeping Tile's lyrics are born out of Sarah's home-grown experiences and they are exceptionally Canadian derived. In many of her songs she reflects on Canadian cities, or things that Canada has offered her. Weeping Tile deserves to be recognised in the Canadian music industry, and I think they finally are. Touring as much as they do, the word-of-mouth advertising works well for them because those who have heard them know what awesome music they produce. A few of my favorite songs of theirs include: Dogs and Thunder Tom's Shoe Repair King Lion Good Fortune Westray This last song, Westray, is all about a huge mining accident that killed and injured many people. It is an awesome song that appears on both Cold Snap and Eepee, although they are a little bit altered from each other. I personally like the one that is found on Eepee, as it is more of just Sarah Harmer's voice. It is much more devoted to her vocal strengths. I will include the lyrics here for anyone who wants to read them: WESTRAY A natural disaster comes out wasn't natural after all In a small town on the East Coast they've gathered in a fire hall. And who forgot to let the canary out? Will you be there when they're pulling bodies out? There are strange things done under the gun by the men who moil for coal. Eastern gales of howled out tales that would make your blood run cold. Lighthouse eyes wathces us spies and they put a word out on me. That night you and I got lost on the drive up the coast of the Northumberland Straight. You'll know in a little while if this was meant to be Are they afraid of you? Are you afraid of me? There wasn't a breath in the land of death and I hurried, horror driven. Was it something I said, somewhere in her head I just asked for the answers given. 20 minutes up the road just off the great highway. I won't be around here for long, I did not come to stay. You'll know in a little while if this was meant to be Are they afraid of you? Are you afraid of me? And one year later it has yet to come clear No one's doing anything, cause they're scared of the way they might appear. They're ignoring all the signals they could not afford to hear, Private investors in public fear. My hopes exceed my expectations... **written by Sarah Harmer** *** inspiration for some of the lyrics by Robert W.Service's "The Cremation of Sam McGee"*** ______________________________________________________

On a Voyage for Weeping Tile and Sarah Harmer pages...

The Offical Sarah Harmer Site...
Read Sarah's Scrawl, Find out when she's coming to a town near you!
You Were Here
All about the new Sarah Harmer solo album... here the music then buy the music!
Sound Bites of Valentino
You can pick up a new copy of Valentino through the Internet right here!!!
Weeping Tile...Canada's Newest
Albums, and a whole lot more
Weeping Tile, Tori Amos, from one music lover to the next:
The first page of my homepages, this has links to all types of music, pictures of me and my pals, and links to my other pages, such as Kids in the Hall, or Stephen King

Any ideas on my page? Info on what the band members have been up to?

I want the world to know the secret that Canada calls Weeping Tile, and so if you have any information on them or any ideas on how to make this page any more accessible to everyone, please let me know. Feel free to e-mail me , and if you have a Weeping Tile homepage I'd love to check it out, so send it to me!!!


As many of you know, there are three Weeping Tile CD's out there for us to collect and play over and over, haunting our roomies and parents. But for those who don't know, I will let you in on the secret: The first album, EEPEE, is a collection of 7 songs.
It is the hardest of the albums to find, but usually can be found at HMV stores Canada-wide.

The second album is Cold Snap, what many people think was Weeping Tile's first album. Cold Snap produced recognition for the band, with the hits U.F.O. Rosie and Cold Snap.

It has 14 songs, and it wonderfully produced with a mixture of throaty slow ballads, to up-beat moving tunes.

The most recent album, Valentino, has 13 tracks, plus a bonus after the last song, Goin' Out.

It is the most hyper CD out there, and shows off how much the band has grown since Eepee, not that I would say that they needed to grow at all!!!


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